Looking inside and looking ahead: everyone.org quarter in review

Last updated: 01 November 2019

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TSM Team

At everyone.org, we know the importance of constantly evaluating our performance. Our key measure of success is the number of patients we can help, from around the world.

The team recently gathered at The Refugee Company in Bijlmer, Amsterdam, for a quarterly review. This presented an opportunity not only to take stock of our work, but to support an organisation fuelled by a mission aligned to ours: to make the lives of other human beings better.

Here are the 5 most important lessons from our quarterly review.

  1. Helping patients remains at the centre of everything we do. In the last quarter, the number of patients helped by everyone.org exceeded previous quarters. This means we’re closely aligned with our goal and represents a dedicated, motivated team. 

  2. Our network is growing. New relationships with suppliers and pharmacists in countries in South America, Middle East and Europe strengthens our already robust network, which in turns allows us to extend our reach and help more patients.

  3. People are everything. Our team consists of highly qualified pharmacists and professionals who speak 16 different languages. Hearing their experiences of supporting, guiding and assisting patients reminds us of the importance of the individuals that make up our team. Not only for the ability to achieve our mission but also to ensure our patients receive the best possible service.

  4. Constructive criticism is the only way to grow. Our shortcomings (just like our achievements) are shared. And it’s only in discussing, resolving and imagining a better way of doing things that we can become the game-changers we want to be. 

  5. We still have a long way to go. Despite moving ever-closer to our goal, we know our work is never done. With each year, each quarter and with each individual patient helped, we are working tirelessly to do more.

Our sixth lesson of the day was that The Refugee Company is a cause we hope will gain increasing support on ongoing basis. We have a shared vision, after all: to promote dignity above all else. Motivated by the belief that every human being is equal, and deserves the opportunity to protect their health and their hope.