Trailblazing Amsterdam’s Canals

Last updated: 01 November 2019

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Amsterdam leads European cities as top tech destination and why it’s only natural that it is home to

Amsterdam canals

Cheese, tulips, wooden clogs; the quintessential description of Amsterdam, Netherlands. Yet while apt, Amsterdam offers so much more than the famously creative, bohemian capital known to the rest of the world.

It is also home to a thriving tech scene and has been ranked among the top five major tech hubs by Savills Tech Cities 2017, beating larger cities such as Singapore, Boston and Berlin.

The report ranks cities at the forefront of global tech to understand what makes them so successful. Amsterdam was ranked fifth of 22 cities based on its growing number of both multinational and home-grown tech companies, its strong transports links to other business hubs, and its highly skilled workforce where English is widely spoken. It also ranked fourth in the Buzz and Wellness Ranking, which looks at factors like pollution levels, quality of parks, crime, healthcare and pay equality. This includes a Flat White Index which considers a city’s caffeine culture, a vital component in the startup-tech world!

And Amsterdam is no stranger to innovation - home to the stock exchange market, the first commercial airline, the mercury thermometer, and the birth of Wi-Fi. The dynamic city of Amsterdam is currently a major global hub for tech companies and given these rankings, although she be but small, it looks likely to continue its competition with some of the major tech players across the globe.

It is home to visionaries, advocates and pioneers. This is particularly evident this week as the capital celebrates its position as one of the world’s most socially liberal countries during Pride Amsterdam – a magnificent weeklong celebration of LGBT rights and equality.

Amsterdam Pride Festival

These factors, along with its inspiring cultural and social offering, make it no surprise that Amsterdam is home to headquarters. With its canal pathways paved for trailblazing, it seems like a natural fit for to take on a pioneering role in providing the freedom of choice to access innovative medicines across the globe.

*Featured image:, Accessed 4 August 2017